Our suppliers.

Would you buy or use a second hand used medicine? Probably not! But if you fail to evaluate the quality and compliance capabilities of your chosen a no-name supplier you may eventually receive a medicinal product from an unknown source which may jeopardize patient safety.

The only way to gain assurance that a medicinal product is original and legitimate is by buying it directly from its manufacturer or its assigned distributor.

This is what we do. Actually, we do more than this.

Finally, we go even further with regards to product origin. Throughout the world many different standards of manufacturing are applied in each country according to the local laws and regulations. An internationally recognized standard used in America, Europe and Switzerland is known as GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). The GMP standards are important as a worldwide benchmark indicating quality in the Manufacturing process by ensuring that the product has been made meeting certain target criteria such as efficacy, potency, stability and purity.

Evermeds sources products only from GMP manufacturers and ONLY from territories in which GMP guidelines apply with local laws and regulations in place to ensure that manufacturers are thoroughly audited with regards to their GMP level. Through this we are confident that our source for the pharmaceutical product is offering an original, legitimate, well manufactured and properly maintained product.